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1 Hour「Radwimps」Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) Full Opening & Engding Songs Lyric [English-Kanji-Taiwan Sub]

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Track list:
❋ 君の名は/Radwimps Opening
0:00:00 夢灯籠 covered by 宇野悠人
0:01:34 夢灯籠 covered by なすお☆ちゃん寝る
0:03:27 夢灯籠 covered by 粉ミルク

❋ 君の名は/Radwimps Ending
0:07:28 なんでもないや covered by Kobasolo & Lefty Hand Cream
0:13:15 なんでもないや covered by 粉ミルク
0:19:01 なんでもないや covered by 貴愛
0:24:42 なんでもないや covered by NAADAchannel
0:31:15 なんでもないや covered by hinatube channel

❋ Main OST:
0:36:22 前前前世 covered by kobasolo & Lefty Hand Cream
0:41:12 前前前世 covered by 天月-あまつき- YouTube Official Channel
0:46:06 前前前世 covered by SVGV
0:48:32 なんでもないや covered by 貴愛
0:54:12 前前前世 covered by かなななです
0:55:47 なんでもないや covered by NathanielKeithMusic